Your website is showing I could get a ring with $90 up to $5000 value, but my candle says the ring value is around $10 - $2000?

Updated 8 months ago by Jedrick Paul Fradejas

Please accept our apology about the confusion this has brought. We know that getting a candle that says the jewellery is between $10 - $2000 and having a advertisement saying that rings are from $90 - $5000, is really confusing.

To clear things up, we used to have $10 - $2000 before which is written in the old packaging (we are still using some), however as we wish to provide you, our valued customers great surprises, we decided to increase the value of our jewellery which is now from $90 - $5000. Rest assured that the ring you will be discovering will be between $90 to $5000.

If you think that you have revealed a jewellery that is less $90, please contact our Online Customer Service Team with a photo of you ring, and we'll be glad to have it checked for you.

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