How to safely handle your candle

Updated 8 months ago by Jedrick Paul Fradejas

Your first burn should happen for at least 2 hours with all burns after that should not exceed four hours. It is also good to trim the wick of your candle after the first lighting (about a quarter inch above the wax is recommended). This process will ensure that the flame will ignite smoothly and leave no traces of soot.

Never burn your candle with flammable objects nearby including paper, curtains, wick trimmings, and most especially, matches. Always keep your candle out of the reach of children who should be supervised whilst the candle is lit at all times. Ensure the candle jar is cool before handling as we love you, so please don’t burn yourself. Never neglect a burning candle as they have the potential to cause injury and damage including starting fires. Never burn your candle for more than 4 hours as this will make the wick longer and burn at an unsafe length. Speaking of wick length, always make sure it’s about a quarter inch long. Just be safe!

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